Agricultural Supervision 

These activities consist mainly of the provision of agricultural advice and techniques to producers, the supply of agricultural inputs and equipment, the maintenance of cotton tracks and the collection and transport of cotton from production sites to ginning factories. 

Based on these activities, FASO COTON employs more than 60 permanent employees who are in direct contact with producers and cooperatives. Supervision activities are organized by the regional offices of Ouagadougou.

In addition, FASO COTON has an agricultural experimentation and Research/Development site in Kombissiri, the main aims of which concern increased productivity and soil preservation in a context of adaptation to climate change. The actions are carried out in collaboration with the Cotton Program of INERA.

FASO COTON covers eleven (11) provinces of the country: Ganzourgou, Bam, Bazèga, Kadiogo, Boulgou, Nahouri, Zoundwéogo, Kourwéogo, Oubritenga, Kouritenga and Sanmatenga.

The Regional Management oversees five (5) production areas :

  • The Zorgho area covering the provinces of Ganzourgou and Oubritenga,
  • The Tenkodogo area covering the provinces of Boulgou and Kouritenga,
  • The Manga area which covers the province of Zoundwéogo,
  • The Pô zone which covers the province of Nahouri,
  • And the Kombissiri area which covers the provinces of Bazèga, Kadiogo, Bam, Sanmatenga, and Kourwéogo.